CultureCINEMA: Steve McQueen
Director of ‘12 YEARS A SLAVE’, ‘Shame’ and ‘Hunger’, McQueen is fast becoming Hollywood’s new ‘It’ man. As the movie’s impact continues to reverberate through Hollywood and the country, McQueen has just signed on to direct the pilot for a new HBO series set in contemporary New York. 


CultureCINEMA: Steve McQueen

Director of ‘12 YEARS A SLAVE’, ‘Shame’ and ‘Hunger’, McQueen is fast becoming Hollywood’s new ‘It’ man. As the movie’s impact continues to reverberate through Hollywood and the country, McQueen has just signed on to direct the pilot for a new HBO series set in contemporary New York. 

That was kinda mean Dreyfuss.

say Heath Ledger one more fucking time.

 I’ve never disapproved of Affleck’s cred as a comedic actor, and am NEVER disappointed with his directing. But him being serious is the silliest thing. Even his speech in the boiler room is half sort of serious/half unintentionally funny. Him being a bad ass? Sillier concept.

He would need to do something about his voice.

Also saying that fanboys were upset about Ledger too is sort of an invalid argument, and kinda sounds like a discredit for anyone’s attempt to explain themselves. I’m Not There hadn’t come out, and he had made Monster’s Ball (his only other impressive role I had seen before) in 2001. It was an alarming sort of film, and he wasn’t in it for very long.

Furthermore, these were some of the actors being considered for the Joker: Crispin Glover, Guy Pearce, and Paul Bettany.

The difference being that Ben Affleck is a very well known actor and people don’t generally believe he is a good one, or he certainly hasn’t done anything in his past experience that would suddenly make everyone think “Oh no, this could work.”

All I’m saying is that some people’s shock comes from a legitimate place. The more I let the idea sink in, the more I am open to possibilities, though I will always prefer picking out better actors instead of “well known and close to whomever produces this movie” actors. But people being initially shocked isn’t something to discredit by saying


Such good memories

A Chronicle of Self

My current 10 most loved movies as of 8/22/2013. I am 23 years old.

In order of what comes to my head first.

  1. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
  2. UP
  3. Blade Runner
  4. What’s Up, doc?
  5. 13 Assassins
  6. Kill Bill
  7. Hot Fuzz
  8. They Live
  9. City of Lost Children
  10. The Third Man

My 10 favorite things right now

  1. Daniel
  2. Puppycat
  3. Catbug
  4. Robots
  5. Samurai
  6. iced coffee
  7. Voice Actors
  8. Sandman series
  9. Perler Bead Creations
  10. All things Hayao Miyazaki

10 Current Pursuits I have right now

  1. Trying to not suck at imrov
  2. Overcoming fears
  3. Studying premiere pro
  4. Figuring out my camera
  5. Working on da podcast
  6. waiting to get married
  7. Attempting to eat healthier
  8. Writing terrible jokes
  9. Making myself write something important everyday
  10. Attempting to not get fired

10 Things I hate right now

  1. Dealing with the wedding
  2. Chipped nail polish (still a problem)
  3. creative blocks
  4. "This is good because a lady did it." Feminists frustrations.
  5. Moot topics
  6. Fear mongering perpetuated so quickly and without hesitation
  7. Insecurity
  8. pineapple
  9. styling myself
  10. how hard it is to save money

Hayao Miyazaki’s

The Wind Rises now with English subtitles!

The Almost Orange Is The New Black Review

I have been savoring my time spent with Orange Is The New Black. The popular thing to do now would be to marathon it and provide a review of the show to cash in on the popularity, but I don’t work that way. Hell I just posted a Star Trek review.

Besides the show is legitimately riveting. I would ruin it to some degree by taking in mass quantities in one setting. I’ve already been able to tell it’s a show worthy of being watched again, but still I hate zoning out during shit.

Orange Is The New Black’s main character is Piper. A stereotyped and accurate version of white-people problems, who after being put in prison unexpectedly for an offense 10 years past, is having difficulty adjusting to prison life. Her story is interesting to watch (I guess) I personally get enough of white people problem in my every day life.

SEE why this scene is so on point.

But really, the show is an ensemble cast. A actually diverse cast of complex and entertaining characters hardly ever seen in television shows. Brilliantly done as well.

I’m not even in particular a fan of Jenji Kohan. Weeds was such irritating dribble, that I couldn’t watch longer than after the first season.

An in depth review is coming…one day. Eventually to the no one who reads this blog.

Anyway here’s current favorite OITNB character. 


Please see above link again.

Into Darkness, a Star Trek fan’s anger ignited

The only similarities between Star Trek before and the reboot, is there happen to be cardboard cut outs of the same characters walking around a familiar looking Microsoft store. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating because of the reboot itself; I am not utterly against those sorts of ideas. In some part of my stubborn brain I understand these films are helping revive an old franchise that had not been exactly doing well. So, it’s creating (hopefully) a new era of Star Trek fans that will perhaps go and watch the OS films and various other spinoffs in Trek Universe, but that doesn’t mean I have to think the films are good.  I went to the premiere of this film because I love Star Trek, and I have this childlike hope and love attached to the franchise. I write this review, as someone who has tried to love these new movies.

The only thing I saw in Star Trek Into Darkness were reused tropes, blatant steals from previous films, and poorly developed female characters. JJ isn’t doing anything new with the Star Trek universe except making into “hee haw” thrill ride. Which happens to not be the reason why I watch Star Trek, but why I watch Star Wars.

So F Into Darkness. I watch Trek to see stories about equality, and overcoming adversity and TALKING. Fry from Futurama said it best,

“Fry: Because it… it taught me so much. Like, how you should accept people, whether they be black, white, Klingon or even female… But most importantly, when I had no friends, it made me feel like maybe I did.”


Fry: Usually on the show, they came up with a complicated plan, then explained it with a simple analogy.

Leela: Hmmm… If we can re-route engine power through the primary weapons and configure them to Melllvar’s frequency, that should overload his electro-quantum structure.

Bender: Like putting too much air in a balloon!

Fry: Of course! It’s all so simple!

I should feel like I’m in physics or ethics, not being watched by a substitute teacher who decided watching Transformers was an adequate way to fill today’s science lesson.

I mean he created a cop-out for a universe in which he could recreate, reimagine (create NEW STORY LINES) any aspect of the Star Trek franchise. With that possibility he really doesn’t do too much. He rehashes old characters, story lines, and adds plot holes. The heartsink moments lose impact because of how terribly they were mimicking previous plot lines.

Does anyone who saw the film that knew nothing about the Trek franchise even understand why Khan is a villain? Or is he just on a level of badass cool that you understand it to be a given? It’s because of the deep voice isn’t it? Because I’m not sure I can recall a specific reason why he was a villainous character, besides I suppose the explosion of a giant building filled with civilians and lovable Pike died and blah blah blah. I guess that was bad? Right. I mean I seem to remember him explaining it away with lines about loyalty to crew and being controlled, but then….wait Leanord Nimoy had to pop in to remind us that he’s a crazy go nuts person. Further proof that the writers apparently weren’t doing a well enough job conveying that to the audience already, they needed to bring old Spock in to tell everyone how terrible Kahn is as a person.  

Robocop was a terrible villain, and unnecessary when you’ve got KHAN ON THE SCREEN. Seriously, the basic “plot” of the movie revolved around Robocop wanting to kill Khan and Kirk deciding that was a terrible idea because he was doing it the wrong way. Also, “Hey don’t kill me too, I don’t like Khan either. OH STAHP.” Khan should have been the main villain, he’s brilliant and there is so much material available regarding his history. In this instance it was overkill adding Robocop. I understand there can be more than one villain in a film, and having two isn’t a necessarily a bad thing.

*sigh* Pardon me for the most generic example of this, but The Dark Knight balances multiple villains very well. Everyone knows the Joker is the “main event” regarding the film. There was no way you went into seeing the dark knight and theatres and not understand that you would be focusing mainly on Heath Ledger’s character. He steals every scene. In fact, he steals the entire film. The movie is villain worship. You had the driving force or “evil” the in the most consistent form of chaos it can be and then Harvey Dent became a force of chaos behind him, (still obviously puppeted). In using Robocop as a false-good dude who meant ill will towards Khan and Kirk. You would expect some common ground to be achieved between the two, not “well you killed pike and I hate you still, even though your actions in some weird way are justifiable” (which OS Kirk would have delved into if not Spock). We are left with shallow imitated characters carrying out the most recognizable quips and quirks of their original inspirations.

I mean why recreate the universe if you’re just basically going to steal from the previous films anyway? Oh, except for making the women more pointless and apparently bipolar, because that’s totally what I needed to see. The kirk death scene was laughable; it was obvious they hadn’t put in enough time or dialogue to prepare the audience for emotional tugging. My friend (who is not a trek fan) has mimicking blood injections into his harm the moment they alluded to the possibility that Kirk could die. JJ really assumed his audience is incredibly stupid. The entire scene was ruined by the knowledge that Khan’s blood would be used to bring Kirk back.

In the end Robert Orci, Alex Kurtzmen, and Damon Lindelof  should have made their mind up to either recreate the old storyline, or create something unique but faithful to the purpose of the series. For more information on why Lindelof is terrible please see

“My skill set as a writer is actually less significant than my knowledge of pop culture in general, and maybe when it comes to these movies, my ability and willingness to crib freely from the amazing comics, film, and TV I grew up on is far more important than actual talent.” 

This isn’t paying homage. This is stealing. And he get’s paid thousands of dollars to do this. I recommend giving this article a full read.

The film stands alone pretty well as a generic popcorn action flick, but is terrible for a Star Trek movie.

It’s only missing "I’m the only metal that’s liquid at room temperature!"

Metal Men hasn’t been around for a long time (as in it hasn’t been “a thing” since the 1960’s). So if you haven’t heard of it, that’s the norm.

Airing Saturday August 10, at 10 AM on Cartoon Network.